Pauline McGuire

Pauline McGuire qualified from the Irish School of Homeopathy in 2008. In her final year she spent some time observing and assisting in a Homeopathic hospital in Kerala, India. She feels this grounded her 4 years of training and began her work in transferring knowledge into working practice.

In her practice she treats patients of every age group from new-born to end of life; and ailments that are reflective of all stages of life. Mental, emotional and physical complaints all have a place in the clinic and on a daily basis she can expect to treat ailments such as anxiety and depression, menopause and pre-menstrual symptoms and coughs, colds and baby colic. In fact, she states, that this is one of the wonders of homeopathy; the restorative properties of the remedies are so strong, yet their action on the body so natural that it suits every age group from the youngest to the eldest.

Before training as a homeopath Pauline was the owner/manager of a successful computer training school in Donegal. Teaching-skills that she developed in this business now play an important part in her Homeopathic practice too. Pauline runs short introductory workshops in homeopathy on a regular basis throughout the year. She says, “I love sharing the knowledge of all these natural remedies with others”. The introductory courses are fun, interactive with lots of chat, laughter and learning. “I love the moment that I see the ‘penny drop’ in the participants’ eyes. I can hear the ‘Ahhh’ as it all begins to make sense”.

Pauline acknowledges the positive effects that homeopathic remedies have had on her own life and says “it is an absolute honour to be in the position of supporting my patients with these natural remedies”.

Homeopathy is energy medicine and energy, is the essence of life.

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